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New Ouya released in US with refined controller and boosted WiFi

Plus, new version gets an extra 8GB of storage

A new version of Android gaming console Ouya has been released in the US and is available for $129.

In addition to a refined controller, it features 16GB of memory, an upgrade from the 8GB that the original model launched with. The new version also features better WiFi connectivity and is loaded with the latest firmware.


The original Ouya will still be available for $99.

Although GAME and Amazon UK both sold the Ouya at launch, at the time of writing they do not have the new version listed for sale.

In CVG's Ouya review Chris Scullion said the "lack of a visible download queue, the zero visibility of prices in store, the horrible controller lag, the weak Wi-Fi receiver, the blocks on fully expanding the storage" let the device down.

"Even basic stuff like the option to change the display settings... all of these things need to be remedied before the Ouya can truly be considered a viable alternative."

"That potential can only truly be reached, however, if Ouya continues to work on the console through regular system updates. The indie community has shown its support by having 200 games ready in the first week, now Ouya needs to reciprocate by ensuring its console is as user-friendly as it can possibly be."