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Cheaper Xbox One set for 2014 release, report claims

Information contained in forum 'leak' verified by multiple publications

A new, cheaper Xbox One SKU will be released in 2014, a growing number of reports have suggested.

Update: Aaron Greenberg, chief of staff for devices and studios group at Microsoft, has said the reports of a cheaper Xbox One SKU are false.

Original story: The claim first emerged via a whistle blowing NeoGAF post, which suggested that Microsoft is planning a new $399 Xbox One model, possibly minus a physical disc drive.


Information contained in the post has since been verified by multiple publishing sources cited by CVG, The Verge and VG247, that latter of which credits "trusted publishing partners" as verifying the new Xbox One SKU, which it says will be cheaper than the current $499 USD / £420 model.

Although the original NeoGAF post states the new Xbox model may be released without an optical disc drive, this has not been verified by any publication.

It has also been claimed that Microsoft will be releasing a white Xbox One in October, to tie in with the release of Sunset Overdrive, as well as a special Titanfall edition of its new console in March. The white Xbox One rumour has been backed up by sources cited to tech site The Verge.

CVG understands that Halo 2: Anniversary, an Xbox One remake of Microsoft's 2004 shooter Halo 2 is in development. The game will be released in November 2014, to coincide with the tenth birthday of the Bungie original.

"We don't comment on rumour and speculation," a Microsoft spokesperson told CVG.