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Microsoft considering legal action against Xbox One leaker

Platform holder is searching for forum poster behind white Xbox and Halo 2 Anniversary reveals

Microsoft is reportedly considering legal action against 'Ntkrnl', the forum poster who leaked information about new Xbox One models and upcoming game releases including Halo 2: Anniversary edition.


Speaking under a condition of anonymity, a "person familiar with the situation" has told Kotaku Microsoft is currently trying to track down ntkrnl and "Microsoft executives are looking to take legal action".

Posting on games forum NeoGAF, Ntkml claimed Microsoft will release a cheaper Xbox One console in 2014, in addition to a Titanfall model of the console and a version with 1TB hard drive. He also suggested that one of the models may not include an optical disc drive, essentially making it an all-digital console.

The forum post also stated Microsoft plans to release Halo 2: Anniversary Edition, a remake of the Xbox original, as well as ports of Halo 3, Halo 4 and a Halo 5 beta this.

Some of information in ntkml's post has since been verified by multiple publishing sources including CVG, The Verge and VG247.

CVG's sources have indicated that 'Halo 2: Anniversary', is in development for Xbox One.

According to The Verge, a white Xbox One will be released.

VG247, meanwhile, has credited a "trusted publishing partners" as verifying a new cheaper Xbox One SKU will be available.