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Bankruptcy rumours encircle Remember Me studio [update]

Dontnod said to have entered into recievership

Update: Dontnod CEO Oskar Guilbert has said in a statement that the studio is not bankrupt, but has entered a process of 'judicial reorganisation' to overcome financial struggles and fund 'new projects', following reports of the company having entered receivership.

Original report: The privately owned company did not address the matter when contacted by CVG, though it is possible that a statement will still be issued. Reports alleging Dontnod's financial problems surfaced on Thursday.


Local publication Factor News claims that the company has entered receivership, meaning that it cannot pay back its creditors, who will now seek to make their money back by acquiring company assets.

If true, the situation will not be reversed unless Dontnod can find new funds to honour the repayments.

Dontnod was founded in 2008 and, by 2010, had about 100 staff on board. However, its first game, the 2013 release Remember Me, failed to sell in notable numbers, meaning a return on investment was highly unlikely.

Developers at the studio were reportedly unhappy with Capcom's lack of publicity for the title, despite Remember Me reviews which suggested the game had some quality.


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