EverQuest Next Landmark uncovered in new wave of 'alpha' screens and videos

Sony Online Entertainment has allowed EverQuest Next: Landmark players to post screenshots and video from the alpha build of the game online.

David Georgeson, director of development for the EverQuest franchise, said on Twitter that the embargo on information and assets from the game was lifted early because the launch has been stable.

EverQuest Next Landmark serves as a companion to EverQuest Next and allows players to create landscapes in the game and get experience with the creation tools. Player-made items and structures could be incorporated into the main game, SOE has said.

SOE recently confirmed that EverQuest Next is "absolutely" coming to PS4, following strong rumours of a console version.

The screens below are provided by Reddit users and StoneLegionGaming, while the videos are from AwesomeIncarnate and Mike Garcia.

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