Murdered: Soul Suspect confirmed for Xbox One

Square Enix crime investigation game makes the leap to current-gen

Microsoft has confirmed that Murdered: Soul Suspect is in development for Xbox One.

The Square Enix detective thriller title was previously only confirmed for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The game was first unveiled in February 2013, and scheduled for release 'after March 2014'. A PS4 version is yet to be announced.

Microsoft has also released a new Murdered: Soul Suspect video featuring new gameplay footage and comments from the development team on its intriguing plot:

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In Murdered: Soul Suspect the main protagonist is murdered by an unknown perpetrator, and players must work to investigate their own murder from the afterlife.

In our E3 Murdered: Soul Suspect preview, we described the title as "a classic point-and-click adventure in disguise".

Check out more footage of the game through here.