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Valve to launch Steam Music for Big Picture and SteamOS

Music playback, library and playlist management will be available in-game

Valve is planning to integrate music playback and library functionality in Steam, and will soon give some users access to a beta test.

Detailed in the Steam Music Beta community group, the service will be available in Big Picture and SteamOS interfaces. Valve added that desktop features will follow "soon".

Steam Music allows users to listen to their song collections while playing games by opening up access to their local music directory. In addition to the music files, the service will support album and artist views.

Users will be able to play music, manage their queue and access the Steam Music player by pressing the Guide button on the controller or from Big Picture's main menu.

The music player can be accessed in-game via the Steam overlay, and functions such as managing a playlist, browsing a music collection and listening to tracks will also be available.

"With this beta, we're getting started with what we believe to be the most fundamental set of features to offer a great music listening experience within Steam," Valve said in the blog.

"As always, our next steps for the feature will be influenced by your beta feedback, so please share your feature requests, thoughts, and experiences in the music discussions. Happy listening!"

To express interest in the beta participation join the Steam Music Beta community group. Members will be invited in waves until the feature is released to everyone.