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New allegations aimed at Resident Evil composer as it's claimed he's 'not really deaf'

Secret ghostwriter tells his side of the story

The 'deaf' Resident Evil composer who recently admitted he hired someone else to write his music may not actually be deaf.

That's according to exposed ghostwriter Tagashi Niigaki, who held a press conference in Japan to tell his side of the bizarre story.


Earlier, composer Mamoru Samuragochi had confessed via his lawyer that despite describing himself as the sole composer of his credited work - including music for Resident Evil and Onimusha - he had secretly commissioned his pieces to someone else for more than ten years.

Now, Samuragochi's ghostwriter has come forward to confirm that not only was the deaf composer not the maker of his works, he might not be deaf either.

Tagashi Niigaki, the revealed ghostwriter, told a press conference that he was never under the impression that Samuragochi had a hearing condition.

As reported by Gadget Tsuushin (and translated by Kotaku), the following discussion took place between Niigaki and reporters:

Reporter: [Samuragochi] has said that he cannot hear, but was there ever an incident where you doubted this fact?

Niigaki: From the first time I met him, I never felt that his hearing was impaired.

Reporter: You said you never felt that his hearing was impaired. Could you elaborate?

Niigaki: He listened to a tape I recorded and gave me instructions accordingly.

Reporter: As to [Samuragochi's] hearing, how did it seem like to you?

Niigaki: We held normal interactions.

Reporter: Then why do you think [Samuragochi] went with that?

Niigaki: At first, he indicated that his hearing was deteriorating to me as well. But during our interactions, he returned to normal.

Reporter: Didn't [Samuragochi] attempt to hide it at all?

Niigaki: He said that this (that he couldn't hear) was how he was going to proceed.

Niigaki claims to have been paid around seven million yen ($68,950) to create 20 works for Samuragochi over a period of 18 years.

The 'fraud' composer decided to finally reveal his secret days before the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, where Japanese figure skater Daisuke Takahashi is set to perform to Sonatina For Violin, one of his alleged 'works'.