When Ice-T found out he was doing Dungeons & Dragons voiceover work...

"Pegasus, that's horses with wings. This s**t is crazy"

Spare a thought for rapper, actor and avid gamer Ice-T.

With a busy life like his, he tends to let his agent sort out deals and choose appropriate job offers for him.


Sometimes, because of his awesome voice, those jobs consist of voiceover work for commercials and the like.

So imagine Mr T (not that one) turning up for another voiceover gig, only to discover that his agent had agreed for him to record the audiobook version of a Dungeons & Dragons story.

Being more a fan of Call Of Duty and Madden, Ice-T isn't exactly down with the fantasy kids. That's why, as he recounts the tale on his Final Level podcast, things get hilarious rather quickly.

"Son, it took me three and a half hours to read 25 pages," Ice moans, citing the complicated dialogue as one of the issues.

Or, as he puts it, "motherfuckers talk like Yoda."

Other choice cuts from his tale include "motherfuckers live in places that don't exist", "this motherfucker got a sword that talks to him and shit," and "this shit is impossible to me".

By far the best part, however, is his views on the mythical horse Pegasus. "Pegasus, Pegasi," he ponders. "That's horses with wings. This shit is crazy."

It certainly is, Ice. It certainly is.