Rewatch: Help me finish Dark Souls LivePlay


Remember that time when I was streaming my first playthrough of Dark Souls and you guys were like "oh, yeah, sit in the bird's nest, something totally sweet happens!" and I did it and a giant f**king bird picked me up and plonked me back at the start of the game? I do! I'll never forget it.


I realise that getting back on track from that point isn't an insurmountable challenge, but I decided that betrayal was a good point to take a break. Things were getting hectic with the new consoles and our streaming setup decided it wouldn't play nice so I thought I'd pick it back up in a few weeks.

Weeks turned into months and now here we are with Dark Souls 2 around the corner and me still with a half finished Dark Souls campaign, which is no good at all.

So, starting today, in a few hours in fact, I'll be streaming Dark Souls again in a desperate bid to get it completed before the sequel lands in my lap. The plan is to have at least one weekly stream on Thursday, but I may sneak in some cheeky streams outside of those hours from my ghetto setup at home to do grinding. We'll also be having additional weekly streams for other games, but more info on that is coming soon.

Keep an eye on the CVG Twitter feed and my personal feed for a on when I'm streaming. You can also subscribe to us on Twitch to get a notification any time we go live.

So, tune in tonight from 6pm GMT / 1pm EST / 10am PST here or on our Twitch page to watch me attempt to shake off the cobwebs and finish the game. As always, I'll probably need your expert guidance, because let's face it, I'm a bit shit at Dark Souls.


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