Mother Brain confirmed as Smash Bros. 4 assist trophy

Metroid boss will appear randomly during battles

Mother Brain will feature in Smash Bros. 4, Nintendo has announced.

The Metroid final boss will appear as an assist trophy in the game, meaning players will be able to summon it to attack on their behalf.


According to a post from Masahiro Sakurai on the Nintendo Miiverse, Mother Brain is "housed within the Control Capsule", "protected by Rinkas" and has an "eyeball armed with a Laser Brain Attack".

Recently, Sakurai also confirmed that Pokemon Lucario will be returning as a playable fighter in the game.

He also detailed rule changes regarding edge-hanging, which has been a bone of contention for tournament Smash Bros. players in the past.

Although Kid Icarus: Uprising studio Project Sora and series lead Masahiro Sakurai are heading up the latest Smash Bros. project, Namco Bandai is handling development duties.

Namco Bandai's team includes producer Masaya Kobayashi (Ridge Racer) and director Yoshito Higuchi (SoulCalibur).

"All the top creators from Namco Bandai are gathered here to create a never-before-seen dream team for this project," Kobayashi said when the partnership was announced in June 2012.

Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS have not yet been given release dates, though they are expected to launch in 2014.

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