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Retro Vault: Sonic 2, Track & Field, Bart's Nightmare

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October 1992 - Bart's Nightmare magazine ad

In a way it's a shame Bart was still very much the main character in The Simpsons back in the early '90s. These days Homer's considered the hero: imagine all the brilliant 16-bit games we could have had if people had realised that sooner.

Still, that's not to say Bart's Nightmare was a bad game with young spikenut in the leading role. Developed by Sculptured Software (Super Star Wars) and published by Acclaim, it was an odd mini-game type affair released on the SNES and Mega Drive.

While staying up late to study, Bart falls asleep and enters a dream version of Springfield. Here, he has to avoid such dangers as Principal Skinner (who tries to dress him in his Sunday best) and his sister Lisa (who, dressed as a fairy, has the power to turn Bart into a frog).

The aim is to find pages of Bart's homework that are scattered along the street. Jumping on one triggers one of five different mini-games. These range from an Itchy & Scratchy game where Bart has to avoid attacks, to a Bartman-themed side-scrolling shooter, to the best of the bunch, a smash 'em up in which Bart is Godzilla.

Bart's Nightmare was a relative success although these days, when recalling retro Simpsons games, nostalgia fiends still tend to immediately recall its predecessor Bart Vs The Space Mutants instead.

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