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November 1995 - Atari Jaguar infomercial

Xbox One versus PlayStation 4? Pah. SNES versus Mega Drive? Do one. The real debate among discerning gamers is which system was the biggest flop: the Atari Jaguar or the Nintendo Virtual Boy.

We'll cover Nintendo's mishap in a future Retro Vault, but for now let's focus on the case for the Jaguar. Heavily pushed by Atari as the first ever 64-bit console in a time when the SNES and Mega Drive were still happily puttering away at 16-bit, the Jaguar certainly had power.

What it didn't have, however, was games. Or an attractive price point ($249). Or a controller that didn't look like a chip-and-pin device.

Ultimately the Jaguar crashed harder than a seagull wearing a suit of armour, with masses of stock left unsold. Its final few months saw it reduced to a number of desperate attempts to get people on-board, including this half-hour TV informercial still trying to convince viewers it was the coolest console around.

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