Sega 'reined in' Sonic Boom character designs, claims dev

Visual director says he had 'even wilder' concepts

Sonic Boom's visual director has said Sega 'reined in' more outlandish character designs for the transmedia spin-off.

Unveiled in New York on Thursday, Sonic Boom encompasses Wii U and 3DS games, a CGI television series and a new range of toys.


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Big Red Button explains its radical redesign

Most significantly, it features "bold" and "brave" redesigns of Sonic's cast of characters, which have received a mixed response from fans on forums and social networks.

However, Big Red Button's Bob Rafei has claimed the developer had 'even wilder' designs for Sonic and co, but ultimately felt they were "too out there" and didn't suit the franchise.

"We went in many different directions to discover the boundary of what Sega was comfortable with," he told CVG in an interview.

"There were some really wild designs, and ultimately in the end we decided they're not well suited for the franchise, because they were just too out there.

"I'm glad that's something that Sega reined us in on, because ultimately the character would have felt a little different."

Commenting in the same interview, Sega producer Stephen Frost insisted that the final character designs - which are said to be 'inspired by their abilities' - were carefully considered.

"No decision and no change to them was done willy-nilly," he said.

"We spent a lot of time agonizing over and thinking about every single detail. We didn't want change for the sake of change."

Sonic Boom is the third and final title in a Nintendo exclusivity deal.

CVG asked its Facebook followers on Thursday what they thought of the redesigned character roster. See the response below: