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New Steam feature spotlights 'Recently Updated' titles

Valve makes it easier to track game updates and new content

Valve has launched a new Steam feature that highlights 'Recently Updated' titles.

Coinciding with this new product section, Valve has also deployed a new page in Steam that lets players browse through recent updates to titles in their games library.


"Designed to give developers more ways to communicate with gamers about their products on Steam, this public release was matched with a tools release that lets developers elect when to add their update to this product area and what to say about the contents of their latest update," explains Valve.

The new feature will make it easier for players to keep track of which games have been updated with new features, content or patches.

"With this new product section and corresponding developer tools, customers can more easily discover products that provide ongoing value and involvement from the developers," said Valve's Tom Bui.

Valve announced on Tuesday that it is planning to integrate music playback and library functionality in Steam, and will soon give some users access to a beta test.