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The Week Ahead: Preview extravaganza

We summarise the next seven days in gaming

In The Week Ahead we summarise what's coming up across the next seven days of gaming. Did we miss something? Or do you have an idea for useful info we could include in future instalments? Let us know in the comments below.

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This week's key releases

Coverage highlights

Like an MI6 agent after a few too many alchopops, we've been brazenly teasing the secret activities of our reporters in recent instalments of The Week Ahead . This week, we finally sober up and pop open our bustling briefcase of secrets.

The blowout starts on Monday when we'll be publishing a first-look preview of an unique new racer, followed by the first hands-on impressions of EA Sports UFC.


Later in the week you'll see a generous dissection of the latest InFamous Second Son demo, followed by another first look, this time focussed on the new shooter from Left 4 Dead studio Turtle Rock, Evolve.

Excitingly, we'll also have tonnes of new Titanfall gameplay footage to bring you on Wednesday, following a recent hands-on event.

Sadly, despite the pledge of our above video, the embargo for our recent playthrough of South Park: The Stick of Truth has been delayed until a currently unspecified date, which may or may not fall this week.

The big review is Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy on Tuesday, and it's bound to be a talking point.

Finally, as I type this I'm preparing to head off to snowy Japan for a rare on-site report from a famous developer. Which studio is it? Follow us on Twitter. It won't be long before the man in the black suit is back on the Hooch and spilling secrets.

On Thursday, as ever, we'll publish the latest CVG Off The Record podcast. If you haven't already, please listen and subscribe to it on iTunes.

Thanks for reading / listening / watching.


Game fact of the week


This week in... 2007

New 'Everybody Votes' Wii Channel launched

"Wii consoles around the world will be glowing blue this morning as an alert that a new channel - the Everybody Votes Channel - is now available on Wii.

"This somewhat obscure channel allows users to cast their vote in random worldwide polls. We thought the questions might be videogame-related but the first three polls ask how you prefer your eggs, whether eating or sleeping is better and whether you'd rather go out during your free time or stay home and relax. Random.

"You cast your vote by moving your on-screen Mii to your chosen answer and clicking on a bit 'Vote' button.

"You can't instantly make your own poll question, but there is a 'suggest a question' option, which puts your poll idea to Nintendo."