Project Stealth re-announced, will be 'community driven'

Merc vs spy indie game has been in development limbo for seven years

A seemingly dead indie game has re-emerged with a new website and a batch of new screenshots.

Project Stealth has been in development by volunteers for more than seven years, but indie studio Heartcore Games has stated this process "didn't work" and is now looking to hire full-time development staff to finish the game.

The game is a "multiplayer stealth-action thriller" which pits teams of two against each other. The twist is that one team consists of mercenaries, while the other contains spies.

Each team has a different set of aims. If you choose to play as a spy, you have to complete a number of objectives without being spotted. The game is played from a third-person perspective and the player is armed with a number of gadgets (including flashbangs and smoke grenades), but no weaponry.

The mercenaries, meanwhile, have a large number of weapons to choose from and are tasked with spotting and killing any spies they see. Mercenary gameplay is played from a first-person viewpoint.

According to the Project Stealth website, Heartcore is "currently looking for funding opportunities to hire full-time programmers and artists to get you the game within a year of meeting the funding goal".

However, the developer is keen to streets that this goal may not necessarily be met, adding: "It's done when it's done."