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Yoshi's New Island Nintendo 3DS bundle listed by retailer

New handheld bundle verified as legitimate

Nintendo will release a Yoshi's New Island bundle for the Nintendo 3DS, according to reports.


IGN says it has verified a listing found on online retailer Base is legitimate.

The site reports the bundle, which is listed for £199.99 will be released on March 14, on the same day as Yoshi's New Island.

The game is being produced by Takashi Tezuka, who served as creative director on 1995's original Yoshi's Island for SNES.

It maintains series gameplay mechanics such as Yoshi's flutter jump, ground-pound and egg throw, while introducing new ones that make use of 3DS features like gyro sensor functionality.

Nintendo recently confirmed that members of its founding Yamauchi family have sold some of their stake in the company as part of a 114 billion-yen ($1.1 billion) share buyback initiative.

The heirs to former chief executive Hiroshi Yamauchi owned about 10 per cent of Nintendo's equity, Nintendo said in a statement. Nintendo purchased 9.5 million shares, or about 7.4 per cent of its outstanding stock, as part of a wider move to give the business more clout in making future mergers or acquisitions.