Adam Orth reveals indie game inspired by Twitter imbroglio

"This is how I chose to ... 'deal with it'"

Former Microsoft creative director Adam Orth, who left the company in April 2013 after an infamous Twitter exchange, is working on a new game informed by the experience.

Orth told Kotaku the game, called >Adr1ft, is a non-violent first-person experience. It casts players as an astronaut drifting through space, attempting to repair a space station after an unspecified calamity.


The catastrophic event is meant to parallel Orth's fateful Twitter exchange, and the astronaut's efforts to mend the station mirror Orth's personal reinvention since departing Microsoft and the internet at large.

"This is how I chose to, in the words of a famous philosopher, 'deal with it,'" Orth said.

Players will roam around open areas of the station, free to float around as long as their oxygen holds out. Though >Adr1ft encourages exploration (and even supports Oculus Rift), players will move linearly through several areas of the station, solving puzzles and listening to audio logs from station personnel along the way.

Orth is currently working on the game with collaborator Omar Aziz - they previously worked together on the Medal of Honor franchise at EA before departing for Microsoft and Treyarch respectively.

They hope to start full production on the game by May and release it next year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.