Ubisoft partnering with Sony Pictures for Rabbids movie

Joins animated series and games franchise

Ubisoft's Rabbids will receive their own feature-length film thanks to a deal between the publisher and Sony Pictures Entertainment, the companies announced on Monday.

The bug-eyed bunnies first appeared in 2006's Rayman: Raving Rabbids for Wii, in which they shared the spotlight with Ubisoft's limbless platforming hero. Since then they have appeared in several titles of their own and even a children's television program called Rabbids Invasion.


"Sony Pictures has tremendous experience developing hybrid live-action-and-animated blockbusters for audiences around the world, which makes them a natural fit for what we want to achieve with a Rabbids film," Ubisoft Motion Pictures executive director Jean-Julien Baronnet said in a statement.

"This deal deepens our partnership with Sony Pictures and highlights our holistic approach to bringing Ubisoft's brands to new audiences while still maintaining the brands' creative integrity."

Ubisoft Motion Pictures will oversee and participate in Sony's production of the untitled film. The internal group is also partnering with New Regency on upcoming films based on the Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell franchises.