Around 90 per cent of US PS4s are connected online

SCEA touts deep connectivity usage among early adopters

Around 90 percent of all US PlayStation 4 consoles are connected online.

SCEA's marketing VP John Koller shared PS4 connectivity statistics at a PS4 showcase event in Santa Monica on Monday.


According to the exec, this significantly outpaces online adoption on the PS3, which apparently took three years to reach a 70 per cent online connected user base in the US.

Koller went on to reveal that PS4 gamers globally have shared around 48 million screenshots and videos, transmitted roughly 1.7 million hours of live gameplay footage and played online for around 172 million hours combined.

"This generations is going to be defined by connectivity," said Koller.

The arrival of the PS4 has also sparked a significant boost to the PlayStation Plus subscription base, with the premium service having seen 90 per cent growth since the PS4's November launch. Meanwhile, the sale of PSN cards via physical retail has increased by around 120 per cent year-on-year, said Koller.

Speaking during a recent investor call, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai said at least two million PlayStation 4 owners have subscribed to PlayStation Plus. "Of all the 4.2 million PS4s that have moved into the hands of consumers, more than half of those people have signed up for the PS Plus service," he said.