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Roundabout is an Xbox One game that makes our heads spin

Have a gander at this. It's the trailer for Roundabout, the world's first 'revolving chauffeur' game.

Previously announced for PC, Roundabout's developer No Goblin has just announced that it'll also be coming to Xbox One via the ID@Xbox programme.

In it, players have to get passengers from one location to another, as in Crazy Taxi, but there's a twist. Well, a turn. You see, the limousine you're driving is constantly rotating, making it a lot trickier to get past certain obstacles.

No Goblin is an indie studio helmed by Dan Teasdale, who formerly worked with Harmonix and Twisted Pixel. It's no surprise, because it looks like exactly the sort of the game you'd expect to see from the latter.

"To answer the question on everyone's lips," Teasdale teases: "Yes, we will investigate yelling 'Xbox, HONK HONK' to activate the limo's horn."

Watch the trailer below and join us in being ruddy excited about this one. If ID@Xbox leads to more stuff like this, we're well well up for it.

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