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Xbox One multiplayer and party update coming in March

Microsoft lists the changes due to be made

Microsoft has detailed more changes it's making during the planned Xbox One update in March.

A major system update is planned to roll out this week, and introduces the capability to update the console's dashboard in the background automatically, as well as manage storage space and a battery indicator for controllers.


The next update, due for release in early March, will focus on multiplayer and party features.

The March update is said to also include "many more great features", but the ones Microsoft is announcing for now are as follows:

  • Get to your Friends List faster. The friends list will be front and centre on the homepage of the Friends app. Click the Social tile on Home, or say "Xbox, go to Friends" to see who's online and what they're up to. From there you can quickly send messages and get into a party.
  • Party chat will be turned on by default: When you party up, chat audio will be turned on by default.
  • Chat with friends playing different games: Party chat will be separated from people playing your game, so you can chat with your friends who are online or you can chat with everyone playing the game.
  • We're adding an "Invite friends to game" option to your multiplayer titles moving forward: Similar to Xbox 360 titles, this will appear inside a game's menu and offer a simple and quicker way to set up your multiplayer battles. Selecting "Invite friends" will let you invite friends to your game and party.
  • We're adding "Recent Players": This is a simple list that shows you Xbox Live members you've recently played with, making it easier to stay in touch with people, or add new friends after your multiplayer battles.