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Xbox One stereo headset and adapter planned for early March

Xbox-branded headset to be released alongside adapter for existing ones

Microsoft has announced details of its Xbox One stereo headset and adapter, both of which are due to be released in early March.

According to Microsoft, the stereo headset will, "offer a premium audio experience for both game and chat audio", offering a full-range 20Hz-20kHz audio spectrum for deep bass and clear high frequencies.


The headset will also feature a unidirectional microphone for "clear voice capture" and over-the-ear speakers for enhanced comfort during long sessions.

Bundled with the headset is a detachable stereo headset adapter, which provides audio controls allowing players to adjust game and chat audio levels, change the master volume and mute the microphone.

Microsoft adds that the stereo headset adapter will also be sold separately for those who already own a set of stereo gaming headphones and don't want to buy a new pair.


Players will be able to hear chat audio through their own third-party headset (or Xbox 360 headsets) by plugging it into the controller, while in-game audio can be added by connecting the headset directly to either the Xbox One (via optical cable) or the TV (via RCA cables).

The Xbox One stereo headset will retail for $79.99, while the stereo headset adapter will be available for $24.99. European pricing has yet to be confirmed by Microsoft.

Third-party headset manufacturer Turtle Beach originally confirmed back in October that all stereo headsets, whether created for Xbox 360 or Xbox One, would require an adapter to work with the Xbox One controller.