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Thief trailer stars merciless Thief Taker General

The City's bloodthirsty Thief Taker General is the star of a new Thief trailer published Tuesday.

The corrupt police official is charged with hunting down and exacting justice on larcenists across his jurisdiction. That usually involves stringing up peasants for nicking loaves of bread.

Garrett's return to The City gives the general a new nemesis, though this one is a bit harder to lay his hands on than the average criminal.

The trailer is the third and final "Story from the City," a trio of stylized narrative snippets which previously established Garrett's trusty fence Basso and the mysterious Queen of Beggars.

In our final Thief preview, we found it to be "part tribute, part pastiche but most of all a modern do-everything action game, modelled around Thief."

Square Enix has confirmed a Thief release date of February 25 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in North America. The game will arrive three days later in the UK.

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