Xbox 360 to get black and purple chrome controllers

To be made available worldwide from March

Microsoft has announced two new special edition chrome controllers for the Xbox 360.

The controllers come in black and purple and will be available for $54.99 in North America (a European price has yet to be confirmed).

In North America, the black controller will be available exclusively at Walmart, while the purple controller will be exclusive to Best Buy. Both can also be bought directly from the Microsoft Store.

European availability has yet to be detailed, but Microsoft's Larry Hryb has confirmed the controllers will be released worldwide.


Microsoft first released blue, red and silver chrome Xbox 360 controllers in 2012. These were followed by a gold chrome controller the following year.

As with other recent Xbox 360 controllers, the black and purple chrome versions will feature a transforming D-pad and smoother analogue stick surfaces.

Both controllers will be available worldwide from the beginning of March.