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Dying Light trailer shows failing humanity

A new trailer for Dying Light suggests that its survivors aren't much better off than its rotting undead.

Developed by Dead Island studio Techland and published by Warner Bros., Dying Light will release for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 some time in 2014. The game is said to feature "a game-changing day-night cycle" and will be set in a "vast open world."

Previous trailers have focused on battling Dying Light's infected, but it seems other survivors will present their own problems in the zombie survival game.

"How long could you justify what you do?" the trailer's description asks. "How strong is the instinct of self-preservation? Is there still a place for kindness in such a cruel world?"

Techland has teased a pre-order exclusive that may answer at least one of those questions: Be The Zombie mode, a PvP offshoot that casts its players as special "night hunter" infected.

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