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Radiohead publishes experimental mobile game

Free app uses sounds and imagery from "Bloom"

Radiohead has created an experimental mobile game using imagery and sounds from its song Bloom.

The free app, titled PolyFauna, debuted on iOS and Android on Tuesday. Band leader Thom Yorke said the app was made in collaboration with UK design firm Universal Everything and was inspired by the band's work on its latest album, The King of Limbs.


"It comes from an interest in early computer life-experiments and the imagined creatures of our subconscious," Yorke said.

PolyFauna takes players through a never-ending series of abstract environments, which are populated by lifeforms the player can create by drawing on the screen and other polygonal objects. Tilting the device allows players to explore each world before following a blinking red dot to the next one.

Users are encouraged to share pictures of their world from within the app, adding to a stream of images scrolling down the side of Radiohead's website.

The King of Limbs was released in February 2011.