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Almost half of all PS Vita games are purchased digitally

'Play-as-you-download' feature also boosting digital sales on PS4

Almost half of all PlayStation Vita software is purchased digitally, Sony revealed during a recent press event attended by CVG.

SCEA's hardware marketing VP John Koller disclosed a number of encouraging statistics related to PS Vita at the showcase, including that approximately 48 per cent of Vita game sales are digital.


By comparison, Nintendo had said in early 2013 that when given the choice between physical retail and digital download versions of a 3DS game, less than 10 per cent of 3DS owners customers opted for the digital version.

Koller didn't disclose the ration of retail versus digital sales on PS4, but did say that the console's 'play-as-you-download' feature is helping to boost digital adoption.

"We set out to solve a bigger problem in the industry which we think is immediacy," said Koller. "It has taken a long time to get into digital games because you have to sit there and wait for a download. Gaming culture is usually not willing to wait.

"Play-as-you-download was really instituted as a feature to solve that, and in many ways we're seeing the rise in digital sales, I think, as a result of the fact that play-as-you-download is really taking hold," he added.

Koller went on to reaffirm that "December was the best sales month we've ever had on the Sony Entertainment Network".

Sony also used the showcase event to announce that the new slim PlayStation Vita will arrive in North America "this spring" with a $199 Borderlands 2 bundle.