One in three Vita owners have a PS4, says Sony

Remote play feature boosting Vita sales, claims platform holder

According to SCEA's hardware marketing VP John Koller, around one in three Vita owners also own a PS4.

Koller said the impressive attach rate is thanks to the PS4's Remote Play feature, which lets users play PS4 games on the Vita via a high-speed wireless connection that's much improved over PS3 Remote Play.


"Remote Play has really been one of those areas that has caused a lot of PS4 consumers to go out and buy a vita, so we've seen these sales pick up since the PS4 launched," said Koller at a recent Sony press event attended by CVG.

"I think that's great news for all of our independent developers as well as front-line developers and publishers as well. It's a good market for us right now."

Koller also said that almost half of all PlayStation Vita software is purchased digitally.

The new slim PlayStation Vita will arrive in North America "this spring" with a $199 Borderlands 2 bundle, Sony announced at the same event.