Titanfall beta starts Feb. 14, sign-ups open now [Update]

EA taking beta registrations via new official website - beta trailer released

Update: EA and Respawn Entertainment have confirmed the Titanfall beta will commence on Friday, February 14 and are now accepting registrations via a new website page.

"If you are selected to participate you will be contacted by EA via email with instructions on how to access the Beta on either XBOX ONE or PC. Access to the closed Beta is limited and is not guaranteed," explains EA.

Registration will end on Friday, February 14 at 4pm PST (February 15, 12am GMT) when the beta will commence. "If you have been selected you will be emailed directly by EA with instructions on how to access the game no later than 11:59 PM PST on Feb 17th," reads the website. Here's the official Titanfall beta trailer:

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The beta will include access to three game modes; Attrition, Hardpoint Domination and Last Titan Standing. Attrition is a basic kill-everything deathmatch. Hardpoint Domination is a Battlefield-style base-capture mode in which teams fight to capture and protect three bases on the map for points. Last Titan Standing is similar to Counter Strike - a round-based mode in which everyone has a single life and only one Titan with no respawning, and rounds end when a team is completely eliminated.

There has been no mention of a beta for the Xbox 360 version.

The Xbox 360 edition, handled by Bluepoint, was delayed until March 25 earlier this month.

Titanfall is the first title from Respawn Entertainment, a new studio comprised of a number of former Call of Duty developers. The shooter is generally considered as a key asset for Microsoft and its Xbox business. According to the official blurb:

Set in the near future on a distant frontier torn apart by war, Titanfall drops players in the middle of a conflict between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia. The action is rapid and varied - featuring parkour-style wall running and massive double jumps. The freedom to shift back and forth between pilot and titan allows players to change tactics on the fly, attacking or escaping depending on the situation and extending the action vertically to new heights.