Super Hexagon dev's Flappy Bird tribute is ridiculous

Play his infuriating free game now and enjoy the brilliant music

Well, that whole Flappy Bird thing escalated quickly, didn't it? And now it's gone.

Somehow, despite being one of the simplest iOS games out there, it managed to be insanely successful, eventually causing its user to remove it from the iOS and Android stores altogether.

When asked why he did it, his reason was simple - it had become too addictive, so he removed it to protect the people who played it. That's how powerful it was.


A game removed because its creator thinks it's too addictive? Hmm, what's the next logical step here? Ah, I know, a remixed version that's even MORE addictive.

Enter Terry Cavanagh, creator of the infuriatingly moreish indie games Super Hexagon and VVVVVV. He's created Maverick Bird, a "Flappy Bird fan game", which recreates the iOS game but adds a few flourishes.

Now the infamous 'Mario pipes' are angled columns, making it harder to judge flaps. There's also a dive button, to let you plummet quicker.

And the music... good God, that music is incredible. Incidentally, if you're similarly obsessed with said music, it was created by Kozilek and is the first track on this album.

Play Maverick Bird here, then start praying that Cavanagh will release it on iOS and Android.