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Risk of Rain announced for Vita

Randomly generated indie action game going portable

Risk of Rain, an action platformer game with randomised elements currently available for the PC, has been announced for PS Vita.

The Hopoo Games developed indie game was confirmed for Sony's handheld on Twitter by Shahid Kamal Ahmad, senior business development manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.


Risk of Rain is set in a distant future where space trains are used to transport passengers and good across the galaxy. One train carrying "very special cargo" is attacked and crash lands on a mysterious planet, with only one person surviving impact.

"The big feature of our game is the randomized elements," developer Hopoo Games says on its website. The position you spawn on the map, which map you spawn on, the location of chests, enemy spawns, item spawns and more are all randomly chosen by the AI Director.

"We also have a massive amount of content in our game: we have 100 unique items planned, all with interesting effects. No +HP or +DAMAGE, but chance to spawn missiles and stop time. You have the option of choosing between 10 characters, all with their own different moveset."

Details on when the game will be released on the PS Vita were not mentioned.

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