Gallery: New God Of War and Sly Cooper HD Collection screens

See more of the recently announced Vita remasters

Sony has released new screenshots of the upcoming God Of War and Sly Cooper HD Collections for PS Vita.

Announced on Monday, The Sly Cooper Collection (alternatively titled Sly Cooper Trilogy in EU) packages together all three of the series' PS2 entries, including Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honour Among Thieves. It arrives in EU on April 16 and US on May 27.

It will be joined by the God of War Collection, which will contain God of War 1 and 2, hitting US on May 6 and EU on May 8.

Both collections promise "re-mastered graphics", Trophy support and Touchscreen and Dual Analogue control enhancements, and both will be released both at retail and digitally via the PlayStation Store. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.

Two God of War Collection gameplay videos emerged earlier this week.

The clips show various scenes from God Of War and God Of War 2, highlighting how they have been visually improved for the Vita.