Jeff Minter's TxK comes to Vita today in Europe

Tempest-inspired 'neo retro' shooter is Llamatron's latest

TxK, the latest game from Jeff Minter's Llamatron, will be released on the PS Vita in Europe later today.

The news was confirmed on the PlayStation Europe Blog, where Minter wrote a guest column explaining the game.

TxK is a "neo-retro" shooter inspired by Llamatron's previous cult favourite Tempest 2000.

"Since [Tempest 2000] we've done a lot of work in a variety of different styles across a lot of platforms," Minter said. "When given the opportunity to create a game for PS Vita we thought it'd be nice to do something in the style of the very genre that we helped originate 20 years ago, and so TxK was born."

The game features 100 levels, three gameplay modes and a soundtrack created by "a whole herd of excellent musicians," according to Minter.

He added: "We've tried to create something that is pure and beautiful in the same way as the old abstract vector-graphics arcade games, but vibrant and modern in aspect and effects as you play.

"Unlike in arcade games we're not obliged to make games punishingly short so as to keep you putting coins in the machine. You can settle in and enjoy the ride. We believe that playing a game should be its own reward, whether or not you end up getting a high score. Games should be all about having fun."