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Kinect Sports Rivals release date confirmed

Rare's first Xbox One title coming in April

Microsoft has just announced the release date for Kinect Sports Rivals.

The Xbox One title, developed by Rare, will be released on April 8 in North America and Australia, and April 11 in Europe.

Microsoft also detailed a new 'teams and captains' system, in which players can choose one of three teams, each with their own equipment attributes and challenges.

The three teams are Wolf Clan, Eagle Legion and Viper Network. According to Microsoft: "The raucous and hearty align themselves with Wolf Clan, while the proud and honourable find comrades in Eagle Legion.

"Or if you're aggressive and ruthless, Viper Network is calling. But first you need to earn the Captains' respect. And that's no overnight task."

Revealed at E3, Kinect Sports Rivals "puts you in the game like never before, tracks your movements and expressions with incredible accuracy, and offers never-ending competition with your friends and competitors", according to Microsoft.

It was originally planned as a Xbox One launch title, but was delayed to allow Rare to further polish the game.

A free trial version called Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason was released in November. Throughout February, this trial has been running the Preseason International Champions tournament, allowing players to set their fastest race time on the in-game leaderboard, in an attempt to be the fastest racer in both their country and the world.