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Gallery: Infamous Second Son screens turn up the neon

Get a new look at Delsin's neon powers

A new set of screens for Sucker Punch's Infamous: Second Son have been released.

Second Son stars new protagonist Delsin Rowe, a 24-year-old Native American street artist who can absorb special abilities from others, including the ability to manipulate smoke and electricity.

Delsin is viewed as a bioterrorist by the DUP, a branch of government tasked with controlling those with superhuman abilities and hunted.

The shots show off protagonist Delsin's Neon Powers, as well as a few locations from the game.

Neon abilities allow Delsin to draw power from lights and convert it into energy.

"Smoke is great. But Neon is clean and streamlined," lead designer Jaime Griesemer previously explained on the PlayStation Blog.

"You're basically firing lasers out of your hands, so you're a natural sniper. With Neon, combat is all about precision from a distance. Each shot hits hard, especially if you are targeting the enemy's weak points. Neon lets you dissect a squad of Dupes like a glowing purple surgeon."

"Neon gets you where you want to go fast. And enemies aren't going to be able to hit a streak of light. Plus, draining Neon looks cooler."

Sony and Sucker Punch have confirmed the Infamous Second Son release date as 21 March 2014.


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