Video: Is Titanfall really Xbox One's killer app?

Expectation couldn't be any higher for Titanfall.

Microsoft want it to push Xbox One consoles sales; current Xbox One owners want it to to be the game they can proudly hold up as the reason to own the console; and FPS lovers hope it truly is the next evolutionary step for the genre.

There's no doubt that Titanfall is this year's most eagerly-anticipated release and, ahead of its release in March, CVG got the opportunity to spend a few precious hours with the game.

We gunned our way through a number of multiplayer modes and maps, then sat down to talk through our experience playing Respawn Entertainment's shooter.

If you weren't already aware, EA has confirmed the Titanfall beta will commence on February 14 and are now accepting registrations via this website.

The beta will include access to the same content we played through, and discuss in the video below. It will feature three game modes; Attrition, Hardpoint Domination and Last Titan Standing.

Attrition is a basic kill-everything deathmatch. Hardpoint Domination is a Battlefield-style base-capture mode in which teams fight to capture and protect three bases on the map for points. Last Titan Standing is similar to Counter Strike - a round-based mode in which everyone has a single life and only one Titan with no respawning, and rounds end when a team is completely eliminated.

Hands-on impressions

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