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Rust for Xbox One and PS4 'possible but far off', says dev

Garry's Mod creator open-minded on console ports

Rust developer Garry Newman has indicated he's considering developing an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of open-world survival game Rust.


Posting on Twitter, Newman said Facepunch Studios has received its Xbox One developer kits, and was asked if he's planning to develop Rust for the new consoles, or just tinkering.

"A bit of both," he said in reply.

However, Newman noted that since neither consoles have an early access program, it will be a while before anything is released, should it be ever.

"Neither have an Early Access program afaik - so anything we do is a while off."

Rust, which is still a work-in-progress and available to Steam users as an early access product, reached a million sales in roughly two months. The game was originally designed as a clone of DayZ, after Newman became frustrated by its instability.

However, it has evolved to include animals and hunting, becoming more of a survival game than a survival horror. In addition to the threat posed by other humans, players can also die from starvation, drowning, hypothermia, attacks from wildlife or exposure to radiation.

At its core is a crafting mechanic, which has resulted in some describing it as a cross between DayZ and Minecraft. The latest update to Rust removed its zombies entriely. According to the developer, zombies were never intended to be a permanent fixture.