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New Destiny screenshots show off 'Shrike' vehicle

Bungie has released new screenshots and information on the 'Shrike', a vehicle from its upcoming open-world shooter Destiny.

The Shrike is a personal vehicle available to every player to get around the game's vast world.

"The world of Destiny is an immense frontier," Bungie says on its official website.

"Your missions as a Guardian of the last safe city on Earth will cover a lot of ground. To propel you from one location to the next, no matter which destination you're fighting to recapture, there is the Shrike."

"It swallows the landscape like a bird of prey with an insatiable appetite for scenery; be it the crimson dunes of Mars, the lush jungles of Venus, the dusty craters of the Moon, or the rusted wastes of our own homeworld."

Slideshow: Meet the Shrike

The Shrike is designed to give players a reliable way to get around, and also feel like they have something to be their "very own pride and joy".

"We wanted to give Guardians the experience of having a glorious beast to convey them from place to place - something that represented them," Bungie continues.

"The ability to summon a vehicle on demand turns you and your friends into a futuristic biker gang... Getting from point A to point B should be fun... not a menu option."

Players will be able to upgrade the Shrike over time and personalise it visually: "Right off the bat, the Shrike has three distinct paint schemes that correspond to your particular Class.

"Each paint scheme has its own distinct color palette to reflect progression."

Bungie is expected to launch the much anticipated Destiny beta this Summer.

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