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Ikaruga hits Steam on February 18

PC version of the Treasure shoot-em-up dated for next week

Polarity-switching shoot-em-up Ikaruga is coming to Steam on February 18, according to the game's updated store listings.

The classic shooter from developer Treasure will include keyboard and Xbox 360 controller support. It can be displayed in a vertical monitor configuration, rotated for standard horizontal setups, or in a letterboxed vertical mode.


Ikaruga's Steam version will allow for local two-player (with one or two controllers) and downloadable replay data from the leaderboards, letting players observe high-scoring runs in action.

Ikaruga builds on shoot-em-up conventions by letting the player's ship absorb enemy bullets of their own color. Players are free to switch back and forth at will but will be destoyed if they touch the opposite shade, a caveat which we said "will bend your mental matter as you try to keep up with swapping your colour at the right time" in our Ikaruga review for the Xbox Live Arcade port.

Ikaruga cleared the Steam Greenlight selection process along with 36 other titles in mid-October.