Xbox One controller sensitivity tweaks coming in February

Update to "increase the sensitivity of the outer boundaries of the thumbsticks"

A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed that the platform holder will improve the sensitivity of the Xbox One controller's analogue sticks via a system update this month.

It first emerged that controller tweaks were inbound when Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment claimed it had helped Microsoft fix the controller's "overly twitchy" input.


A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed, "The February update will increase the sensitivity of the outer boundaries of the thumbsticks on the Xbox One controller.

"The update will happen automatically when your controller syncs with your console," they told Joystiq.

It appears the changes will come as part of a previously announced system update due out this month, which will also introduce the capability to update the console's dashboard in the background automatically, as well as manage storage space and add a battery indicator for controllers.

Another update, due for release in early March, will focus on multiplayer and party features including chat, friends list and game invite tweaks.