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Trailer: Nintendo reveals Pokemon Link Battle

Nintendo has announced Pokemon Link Battle (Pokémon Battle Trozei in Japan), a match-three puzzle game, will be available on the European eShop from March 13.

The game plays much like popular Japanese puzzle game Puzzle & Dragons, requiring players to match three or more of the same Pokémon faces to generate energy and do damage to an enemy.

Players must find a line up over 380 Pokémon puzzle pieces to complete their Trozei list, and can battle or cooperate wirelessly with friends to find rare Pokémon.

"When you line up four identical Pokémon vertically or horizontally, it's called a Trozei," Nintendo explains. "When you get a Trozei with four or more Pokémon, they disappear from the screen and you enter Trozei Chance mode. While the Trozei Chance lasts, you can Trozei three or more Pokémon, and then two Pokémon.

"When you line up more Pokémon than needed to get a Trozei -- such as a Trozei with five Pokémon instead of four -- a Ditto will appear. Since Ditto can be Trozeid with any Pokémon, they come in very handy and can help you rack up big points."

A number of modes will be available when the game launches including Adventure Mode, where players take control of Lucy Fleetfoot and must complete missions to save Pokémon from the evil Phobos Battalion; Endless Mode, where the goal is to beat your own high score by playing as long as possible; and Battle Mode, in which player whose field has been filled with Pokémon will lose.

As well as those there's Pair Mode, where the aim is to challenge the high score while cooperating with a friend: "The more Continuous Trozeis you make, the easier it is for your partner to get Trozeis because the number of types of Pokémon will decrease on their field. Also, Dittos will drop on your partner's field instead of yours."

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