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Gallery: Nintendo showcases key upcoming Wii U games

Nintendo streamed its latest Nintendo Direct broadcast last night, and with it came a huge batch of new screenshots.

We've put together all these screenshots in one article for your convenience.

Wii U games featured include Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta, Super Smash Bros 4, NES Remix 2, Monolith Soft's upcoming title and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.

Meanwhile, 3DS titles include Pokemon Link Battle, Steel Diver Sub Wars, Mario Golf, Yoshi's New Island and Kirby Triple Deluxe.

For more details on each game, check out our Nintendo Direct news round-up.

Bayonetta 2 (Wii U)

Child Of Light (Wii U)

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U)

Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)

Smash Bros 4 (Wii U and 3DS)

Kirby Triple Deluxe (3DS)

Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS)

NES Remix (Wii U)

Monolith Soft project (Wii U)

Yoshi's New Island (3DS)

Pokemon Link Battle (3DS)

Steel Diver: Sub Wars (3DS)