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Retro Vault: Mario Kart 64, Sunset Riders, CDTV, Punch-Out

Plus: A brilliant 1988 news report on the Nintendo phenomenon

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March 1993 - Sunset Riders magazine ad

Of all the games released on 16-bit consoles, for some reason Sunset Riders seems to pop up regularly in conversations among CVG staff. Indeed, it's something of a cult favourite among most gamers of that era.

Developed by Konami and designed by Hideyuki Tsujimoto (Super Contra), Sunset Siders is a side-scrolling run 'n gun game set in the wild west. Choosing one of four bounty hunters, players have to shoot their way through eight stages, killing every bandit in their way and eventually defeating the wanted criminal at the end of each stage.

The game is still fondly remembered to this day, partly because of the solid gameplay but partly because of its charm. Its suitably western music made you feel like a hero and the in-game speech, while limited, was brilliant: players of the SNES and arcade versions will fondly remember one boss murmuring "bury me with my money" as he breathes his last breath.

The Mega Drive port was sadly lacking, with only two characters to choose from, four bosses instead of eight and no in-game speech. Such was the quality of the general gameplay, though, that most Mega Drive owners were still perfectly happy with the game, oblivious to what they were missing out on compared to their SNES-owning chums (who got a nearly arcade-perfect port the following year).

Sunset Riders has never seen a re-release in the 21 years since the SNES version. Come on Konami, do the right thing: if you give us the arcade version on Xbox Live Arcade, PSN or Wii U eShop, we'll bury you with our money.

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