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Retro Vault: Mario Kart 64, Sunset Riders, CDTV, Punch-Out

Plus: A brilliant 1988 news report on the Nintendo phenomenon

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February 1984 - Punch-Out!! arcade flyer

Sometimes the best ideas come as a result of solving other problems. Nintendo's 1984 arcade game Punch-Out!! is the perfect example of this.

When Donkey Kong became a massive success in the arcades Nintendo had to order in a load of new stock to cater for the massive demand. Eventually the game's populairty faded (as happens to all arcade games) and Nintendo found itself left with an overstock of television sets that were to be used in Donkey Kong cabinets.

It was decided that, in order to get rid of its warehouse full of televisions, Nintendo would make a new arcade game that had two displays instead of just one. The result was Punch-Out!!, a boxing game that came in a unique cabinet with two TVs inside it.

Punch-Out!! was developed by Genyo Takeda (who later went on to produce Pilotwings 64), and its characters were designed by Shigeru Miyamoto. Its first-person boxing gameplay was so successful it led to a number of sequels, including another arcade version, an NES game starring Mike Tyson, a SNES version and a Wii remake in 2009.

It was recently confirmed that Little Mac, the diminutive star of the Punch-Out!! games, would be part of the Smash Bros. 4 roster: his debut as a playable character in the series.

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