Around the Network - St Valentine's Day Massacre edition

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It's mid Feb, St Valentine's day to the very day in fact, and we hope you've made suitable arrangements with your significant other, otherwise you will be in for your own very special kind of massacre. To be honest, those fiendish games publishers haven't exactly made it to easy, with the Titanfall beta in full swing, GTA Online providing its own special celebration and The Last of Us Left Behind out too. But, never fear, our brave lads 'n lasses of Games and Tech have been unearthing the best of the 'net for you to enjoy and here's this week's selections.


The first story DLC for 2013's game of the year, but is it poignant or paltry? Find out in our Last of Us Left Behind Review
Is this the Xbox One's killer app? We bring you the lowdown in our Titanfall beta preview and gameplay videos

Games Radar

What's the status of the PS4 vs. Xbox One console war. We're 3 months in and we revisit the battle.
Sony's big exclusive is hitting next month, but we have the latest information on Infamous: Second Son right now.

Official Nintendo Magazine

Missed Nintendo Direct? Come and see our guide to every announcement and release date revealed last night.
The release of a Yoshi-themed XL brings the number of 3DS designs to 58 - come and see every single one.

Xbox The Official Magazine

Titanfall Xbox One beta guide - tips and tactics you must try
World of Tanks Xbox 360 tips - best tactics, upgrade guide, earn credits fast


Fed up of Flappy Bird? Here are T3's five steps to truly killing Flappy Bird once and for all

Mobile World Congress is right around the corner and here's what T3 expects to see from Nokia, Samsung, HTC and the rest...


The PS Vita has been on a diet, but has Sony made tweaks in all the right places? Read our PS Vita Slim review

Going to see Spike Jonze's Her? Just how far are we from an OS that intelligent? Check out our interview with director Spike Jonze

Tesco Tech

Fancy getting your hands on a Game Of Thrones Seasons 1-3 Blu-ray box set? Enter Tesco Tech Support's exclusive competition for your chance to win.

Want to watch iPlayer and YouTube content on your telly, but don't own a Smart TV? Here are 5 simple tips and tricks that will mean you can.