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New Ryse DLC out February 28

Mars' Chosen DLC will bring new modes and maps

The upcoming Mars' Chosen DLC pack for Ryse will introduce new game modes and maps from February 28.

During an interview with Xbox Wire, producer Justin Robey detailed the new add-on for Ryse, which will include brand new maps, a new co-op Survival game mode, and a new character skin.

The new Survival mode, which will become available with the Mars' Chosen DLC pack, sees players team up with another gladiator to fight off horde after horde of barbarians as your health slowly drains. Health is maintained by quick kills and executions, however health depletes faster the longer you survive.

The Mars' Chosen DLC pack also brings with it five new maps. Two of which, Firestorm and Dockyard, have been made specifically for Survival mode, while Courtyard has been optimised for the new mode. The final two maps, Pyramid and Obelisk, take you to Ancient Egypt in Arcade mode.

The pack also contains the new Legionary character skin.

Robey also revealed that from now until February 28, the release date of the Mars' Chosen DLC, there will be sales on Ryse content in the Xbox Games Store, the first being the discounted digital version of Ryse.

Further sales and discounts will be announced via Major Nelson.

Mars' Chosen DLC is free for season pass holders, and $8.99 for everyone else.

Microsoft has planned a total of four DLC packs for Ryse.