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Strider review round-up: Strong scores for Hiryu's return

All the verdicts in one place

Capcom's latest entry in the Strider series is developed by Double Helix Games, and reviews of the side-scrolling revival have started to appear online.

Both Capcom and Double Helix have said Strider will make his comeback in a game featuring "an ultra-responsive control system, with incredibly satisfying combat options in every traversal context - standing, running, wall climbing, hanging, aerial and more."

But how does it all come together as a package? Find out what reviewers think in the round-up below:

  • GamesRadar: 4.5/5 - A slick pastiche of '80s retro cool and modern gameplay, Strider is both faithful to its source material and still capable of finding its own identity. It's basically the raddest Saturday-morning cartoon you'll ever play.
  • Edge: 7 - Double Helix has positioned itself as a sort of anti-WayForward, seeing retro IP not as an excuse for chiptunes and pop culture gags, but a chance to update old games for modern fans. Strider, then, is a sensitive update for a series many thought would stay stuck in the past.
  • Eurogamer: 7/10 - Had this game been released a decade or two ago, it might have been seen as a classic of its type, alongside Super Metroid and Symphony of the Night. But today, at the tail end of a wave of Metroidvania-style games, Strider fails to stand out. It's a competent, workable game that draws inspiration from the right places, but which is rarely anything more than a cover version of the greats.
  • ShackNews: 7 - Remarkably, Double Helix has managed to nail down the classic feel of what Strider Hiryu is all about: athleticism, agility, and destroying everything in his path. At the same time, the game modernizes the design into something unique, even if it borrows heavily from the Metroidvania genre. Strider may have been gone for over a decade, but his return is more than welcome
  • Polygon: 8.5 - Penance notwithstanding, Strider takes most of the best parts of its lineage to heart. Double Helix has built a game that captures the wide-eyed exploration of 8-bit adventures and marries it to razor-sharp side-scrolling combat. It's not that Strider ever felt like it needed that combat sophistication - but it is all the better and more vital for it.
  • God Is A Geek: 7/10 - Strider doesn't do anything exceptionally well, but we get so few good Metroid-Vania style games these days that it's still definitely worth a play. On higher difficulties it will require skill, but otherwise Strider is a brainless exercise in platforming, exploration, and (button mashing) ninja combat. If you play for hours on end, there's potential for boredom to set in, but a quick go here and there will see you enjoy Double Helix's hopeful reboot. There's room for improvement, so let's hope we see more of Strider Hiryu in the future.
  • Destructoid: 9.5 - Double Helix has really come into its own. Strider reminds me of a Shadow Complex with a much better combat system and a scaled-down exploration element. And that's perfectly okay with me.
  • Joystiq: 4/5 - Players will find the above issues unavoidable, but these minor problems are overcome by Strider's absorbing fusion of action and platforming, which is complemented by a solid, taut storyline and plenty of bonus elements. It would have been nice had Strider been a more difficult experience, but it more than makes up for its lack of arcade-style challenge with a rewarding focus on exploration. Long-forgotten franchises are rarely resurrected as successfully as Strider, and hopefully we won't have to wait a quarter of a century for the ninja's next adventure.
  • GameInformer: 8.75 - Strider is a great reboot for old-school arcade junkies and at the same time a fresh action experience for newcomers to the franchise.
  • Metro: 7/10 - The mixture of old school, new school, and Metroidvania works surprisingly well - even if Strider's long-awaited reboot still feels slightly too safe.
  • Digital Spy: 4/5 - Strider is admirably true to the game that Capcom released on arcades in 1989 and will delight those who still hold a candle for the original, with its unaltered core gameplay and polished production values.
  • IGN: 7.5 - This reimagining of the original Strider establishes developer Double Helix's firm grasp on the essence of the joy of movement that makes Strider Hiryu such a great character. It lacks environmental variety and a sense of fairness when it comes to some of the boss battles, but it shows great potential for a revitalized series.
  • GamesBeat:65/100 - I never experienced that what-the-hell joy. I didn't fight a hammer-and-sickle wielding millipede made up of parliamentary politicians. Nor did I slice through racoon-hat-wearing robots doing a kozachok dance. The new game didn't bring anything new, instead opting to jam Hiryu into a formulaic experience that looks good on a whiteboard. This is a competent platformer. But when it comes to Strider, I'm not looking for competent. I'm looking for crazy.