Skylanders now an annual franchise, figure releases to be 'staggered'

Activision no longer introducing groups of toys in waves

Activision has confirmed its plan to stagger the release of Skylanders figures throughout the entire year as the series becomes an annual franchise.

Whereas previous Skylanders games had their figurines released in 'waves' of large batches of characters at a time, now Activision will release smaller quantities of figures over the course of a game's life.


"This year we've expanded to a year-round franchise, meaning we've reserved more characters for 2014 than we normally would," Activision's Glenn Oliver told Polygon.

"There are a good 20 percent of them that haven't come out yet [for latest release Skylanders Swap Force]. We wanted to take advantage of the fact that we know there are still a lot of opportunities, like birthdays and Easter, for gift-giving, and we want you to be able to go a store and buy new Skylanders."

According to Oliver, the next batch of Swap Force figures will be released this Spring, including a special seasonal edition of an existing Skylander.

Springtime Trigger Happy will launch in egg-shaped packaging. The figurine has a different pose to the original and includes new powers and a new colour scheme, gold weapons and a bunny ears hat.

The latest Skylanders game introduced 16 special 'Swap Force' figures. These can be pulled apart at the waist and joined together with other parts, turning the 16-strong roster into 256 possible combinations.

Combined with previous figures in the series, this brings the total Skylander count to 272 to date.